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Happy new year to old friends, I hope that you got all the coffee gifts you wished over the festive period. Welcome also to new people finding us here, I know that at this time of year we see an influx of new coffee converts, people who were lucky enough to get equipment, subscriptions and coffee as gifts and are researching their new hobby.

It also means this time of year we get hit with lots of emails from new people with lots of new people questions. We are of course always happy to field these (well Chris and Katie are) but we also know theres lots of question people don’t ask, as they “should know”.


We disagree, theres no silly questions, but to get around this years ago I created a thing called coffee 101. Coffee 101 is a basic introduction to the fundamentals of coffee. A daily email over 10 days covering everything from the history of coffee, to how to get the best out of your brewing. Its a foundation introduction to getting the best out of your new found interest.

Its free to sign up and there really is no catch, its my gift back to the world (and to temp you we even put some special offers in there too) and to inspire you to find out more about your favourite beverage.

Would love to hear your feedback on the updated site and emails and anything you think we may have missed.

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  1. You had me at special offers… ;-D

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