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Cant tell you how busy at the moment it is in the world of Has Bean. I’ve new projects on the go for the website, that should make the following few months very exciting. I’ve just finished a huge article thats being proof read (yes I know isn’t that good for me). Its probably going to be in a few issues to make it more readable. Will post about it once its ready.

I’ve been playing with new machines and lots of coffee. As I mentioned in a post a few weeks back now I have a clover (and its all mine now for good). I’ve really liked it since day one but the more I’ve experimented the more I’ve begun to enjoy it. I will try and write up something a little more in depth at some point. More on the to do list πŸ™‚


I’ve also been playing with some bean to cup machines, more to write up as well. I’ve ben quite impressed what can be done with some of these machines, that I’ve previously just ruled out. But I’m finding for espresso you almost have to blend with the limitations in mind.

With Rwanda only a few weeks away, and with staff away on holidays the planning stages for the trip are underway. I guess that makes it even harder to get every thing done and bloging in any kind of rhythm but I will try.

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  1. Hey Steve, glad to see you finally enjoying your own Clover πŸ™‚

    Must be great to just be able to try out EVERY coffee you can imagine in that thing!

  2. I think bean to cup definetly has a place, as you say as long as you take into consideration their limitations.

    An elderly friend has one and after some fiddling it produced a great coffee.

    I know people bemoan them being used in shops, however when consistency is required and staff turnover is high, I believe they are ideal.

  3. Bang on there Matt they can like every machine produce a good cup with some care and effort.

    And your so right Lukas πŸ™‚

  4. Just catching up and noticed the Clover! πŸ™‚

    You swine …. will you adopt me…. oh, puhleeeaaassssseeeee πŸ™‚

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