Clarification on my Geisha love

OK the last post seems to have sparked a few emails (in a few I say 4 but a few sounds much better), and they keep coming so I’m going to explain what I mean by my geisha love.

In the original post I wrote

“For years now I have held a deep routed concern regarding the geisha coffee varietal and its rising popularity. I think there can be no question that the emergence of geisha in the specialty community is one of the largest phenomenon’s I have witnessed in my short time of being involved in this coffee thing.


I have been banging a drum ever since this coffee arrived, worrying about the message we send to the farmers by paying this high price for a varietal without discussing why we like it so, and without sending a warning.”

I still am worried about the effect it will have on the coffee we receive and I know 100% we will se some of the most horrid coffee offered at the most horrid of prices labeled up as Geisha. But I also see some of the most horrendous coffee marked up as Bourbon. what we should be encouraging and trying to find is the best varietal for there terroir (did I just really say terroir groan) or there climate, soil conditions and altitude.

But equally the point I was trying to get across was that lets not just rule out Geisha (as I had) because of pre conceived ideas. As the coffee that were launching tomorrow shows that in the right terroir (someone please stop me) it can produce one of the most amazing cups of the year for me, that I was not expecting.

Hope this clears it up a little.

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  1. Lets hope we don’t end up losing some of the lovely veritals due to the price and demand of Geisha and farmers changing their crops.
    But very much looking forwad to trying this one as just finished off the Brazil Fazenda Sao Judas Tadeu Pulped Natural, which I must say I have found to be a fantastic tasting coffee.

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