Christmas comes early for me

Behmor Home Roaster

I’ve got the a Christmas present early. The first Behmor home roaster in the UK. No tests Yet (were in the middle of Christmas rush hence me being a bit quite here) but I’m excited. I’ll keep this blog updated of what happens. But the very first thoughts are very very positive. I’ve received another present but I’ll tell you more about that later in the week.
I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow! Defo keep us updated Steve…especially about stability issues etc. What I would give to be the first NZ owner of one!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing the good and the bad about this machine. Certainly looks good 😀

  2. Ooooh you lucky thing Stevo …. I nearly wet myself when I saw your pic of the Behmor! 😛

  3. Looking good Steve! Look forward to some feedback and opinions…. I’ve always fancied doing some roasting at home 🙂

  4. Looks good. Does this mean that if it is any good you are going to be selling them. Also do they still have a tie-in with Ronco, they of fuzz-away fame.

  5. Hi Peter

    To early to say but we hope we will be selling them, they are still made by ronco and
    I’m hoping to get a fuzz away very soon 🙂

    I really want to do some serious testing before we jump in, but were at an advanced stage of talking to Joe the designer and hope to have all the loose ends ties up some time soon. I’m going to meet up with him again in January.

    Dates and prices are still a way off but getting a machine means were making profess for sure.

  6. The Behmor home roaster sounds great! But whats the photo of the microwave got to do with anything? hehe 🙂

  7. Lucky you!

    Is that an 230v version?

  8. Not yet, thats under development hence why I think its still a little way off, but works fine on a variac (or at least I’m, hoping one I get some time and get back mine thats still out on loan with someone).

    As I say I’ll keep you posted.

  9. Is that what Microwaves look like in the UK/EU?

    I know sod off……. damn yank…

    Steve.. if you use a variac.. you don’t need to go above 122 start…..

    Oh and RTFM………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #3 Part V

  10. Hey Joe, I’ve read the bleeping manual so don’t worry 🙂 (for those who don’t know this is TahoeJoe is the designer of the Behmor)

    And yes microwaves do look a little like it but I think that just makes it blend into the kitchen better, more so than being a problem.

  11. oops! sorry joe….wasn’t trying to diss your great design! 🙂
    it looks great…i want one!

  12. My dealry beloved who sepairs of me most of the time hadn’t read any of the post but I did show her the picture….

    “Whats Steve doing with a Microwave?”

    These poor uneducated folk. I tried to explain that asthgetically it would blend in with out Kitchen and the colour is just perfect. Unfortunaly I cannot post what she said to me…. 😉

    Seriously though, is there any indication that once the 240V version is all good, will it be distributed as far as NZ or will it strictly be a US/Europe venture?

  13. Breako the 230-240v will be along in the new year (back me up here joe) I’m sure once its done there will be someone interested in Aus or NZ, but while that happens we hope we will be able to sort it out for you.

    As long as you promise to not break it.

  14. We’ve been playing with one for about three weeks now – gave it one of our baristas to take home and go nuts with it and take notes. It just came back to the shop yesterday. So far it’s lived up to the hype. It’s about what you’d expect for US$300 – there’s been unevenness on just about every roast we’ve looked at. But we’re hoping more practice will make that mostly go away. It’s a useful training tool as well.

    Limitations aside, our morning drip coffee today was from one of the sample greens that came with the machine. And it was better than a lot of what a good number of professional roasters have asked us to try recently. The barista who has been taking it through its paces has roasted on every profile a couple of times and even produced some decent tasting stuff on profile 1 (the flat burn(, which we thought was a useless button going in.

    Still don’t know value of it as a sample roaster, but with the profiles it does have, it certainly seems to produce a repeatable roast, not a great one, but certainly something serviceable. At worst you’d have to say it’s the best $300 roaster out there.

  15. Now Steve you know I cannot make promises like that! I prefer to call it extreme machine testing…look at it this way, if it survives me, it survies anything. Oscar has been with me nearly two years and is still going strong.. 😛

    Anyway, promises aside…cheers 😀

  16. ……. says Breako, a man who recently broke himself! 😆

  17. Sneezing is an involuntary reflex action Cakes, so therefore, it wasn’t my fault! Case law mate 😛

    However, tell that to ACC who consider it self inflicted!!!!!

    Sorry Steve, Back on topic 😀

  18. Any news on this Steve? Planning on selling them anytime soon?? 😉

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