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I’ve an apology to make. The caption competition I had all the entry’s on my computer, ready to choose a winner. But I lost all the data on my computer in an upgrade, and subsequently lost the entries, I’ve tried to get them back but can’t. But from memory I have chosen two winners and also from the blog entries chosen five runner ups. Anyone who sent a entry via email if you send me your address details I’ll forward your prize. The ones listed below please get in touch and again I’ll forward on your prize.
Caption Comp

1st prize winners get a £5 gift Voucher for Has Bean

joint 1st place “*clunk* “Oh no…. my IPhone!” Steve Avann ( bit of an in joke but I liked it a lot).
joint first place “I put the mince meat in here, and the sausages come out here” Unknown entry (let me know who you were)

Runner ups (very close) get a sample pot of the Grindz grinder cleaner

“Sarah? SARAH!!!!!” Cakeboy
“aha! my Hottop mods are almost complete. Shame I had to move the all kitchen appliances into the garden.“Calum Mckay
““This is the lever … but where do I find the portafilter?” Lukas
“Those nail clippers will never catch on love,you`ll never find a case big enough to fit.” Ken Wilkinson
“I can make green turn to brown by just pulling this lever “ Marcy

good news is I have a new competition starting tomorrow thats very exciting, and with some great sponsored prizes.

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  1. I personally love Marcy’s entry – just spot on es ever 🙂

    I hope Apple’s waiting a while until the next OS version, be it only for you have a backup strategy in place then >:)

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  3. Steve,

    They’re all pretty Laugh Out Loud captions. I’m glad I didn’t enter, cause I’d never have thought of anything as good as those… Well done everyone!

  4. awww thanks Lukas *hugs* but my fave is the *clunk* goes the iphone one… still chuckling over it 🙂 Steve, posting me my prize will probably cost more than the prize itself… just send it over to CakeBoy :p Either that or a personal delivery or pick-up sooner or later 😉

  5. I won? I won!!!!! Wow, the last time I won anything it was a goldfish at a fairground and I was about seven. Cool. No prize required Steve, I’ll just enjoy the feeling. :o)

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