Caption Competition

In this months newsletter we have a free to enter competition. Its a caption competition the best 5 received at my email address or left as a comment here for the photo below will win a sample pack of Grindz cleaner. Closing date is the 21st of October giving everyone a chance to participate. You can enter as many times as you like but if you email make sure the title says “caption competition”.
Caption Comp

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  1. I can make green turn to brown by just pulling this lever :p

  2. “Sarah …. SARAH!”

  3. “… then you drop a little birdy poop into the funnel like this, pull the lever, and tah dah – the Jacu Bird appears in the drum below!”

  4. aha! my Hottop mods are almost complete. Shame I had to move the all kitchen appliances into the garden.

  5. Now the booklet said this was a Hopper…..Will somebody tell me why it won’t bounce??!!??

  6. After 6 months stuck in the roastery putting together the broken roaster, Steve was overjoyed that Breako, having moved to the otherside of the planet, will never walk through the doors again….

  7. *clunk* “Oh no…. my IPhone!”

  8. ROTFLMAO!! Fab one Mr. Avann 😀

  9. “Those nail clippers will never catch on love,you`ll never find a case big enough to fit.

  10. Like it Steve but seems almost ironic seeing as he has lost his i phone ear phones…Chuckle chuckle says Sarah …..manning the fort again.

  11. “This is the lever … but where do I find the portafilter?”

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  13. Alchemist-in-Chief, turning gold into coffee.

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