Cameroon "aged Coffee"

After a conversation with a customer the other day, I got talking to him about what he roasts. He went on to tell me he used to work in Cameroon in the late eighties and worked for UPS. He had a load of coffee shipped and he is working his way through it over 20 years later 🙂

As you will know this is not a good idea but not wanting to miss the chance to try this mega aged coffee, I’ve got a sample sent to me. I’ll let you know what it tastes like


Yes the date is right 1988 !!!

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  1. That would be ‘aged’ out of necessity rather than choice, i suppose!
    Would you call that ‘green’? It looks rather yellow to me…

  2. Yikes! Man. You could put that on a slow boat to San Antonio and it’d be none the worse for the wear. Take care of yourself on that one, bro.

  3. Man that coffee was possibally one of the worst things i have ever tasted…..At least the sale of mouth in Stafford has gone up ten fold since trying it though…:)

  4. The sale of mouth wash i was supposed to say…See the sheer badness of the taste has messed with my head and brought on confusion….Oh woe is me…Not the confusion.

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