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  1. Grrrrrrrrr 😉

  2. i just don’t understand how anybody can take somebody seriously when they choose to have the belief that others may not know anything with regards to what everyone seems to think is blazingly obvious about coffee and espresso and home roasting and blah blah blah. 🙂 sorry steve. just having a spot of fun.

  3. I have to utterly agree with e the above posts. How dare you be so presumtious Mr Hasbean! It is obvious to me that the re-introduction of the Gene is a startling development and is indeed news worthy. The National Enquirer is interested as is the Beano 😀

    Sorry….. 😉

  4. Wasn’t the gene supposed to be used at home? How can this work, I mean so called homeroasters surely have no clue about what they’re doing and certainly don’t know their coffee! argg. I’m so glad I get a portable gas stove soon 🙂

  5. I demand that you stop selling them immediately and remove them from this site …. even though we have one and love it. How dare you help us! 🙂

  6. I call for a complete ban on Homeroasting, like Lucas states, we haven’t a clue. So we beg you Mr Leighton, stop this nonsense now, desist your practices…you are only encouraging us…. 😀 Yeah like we really need encouraging, most of us are just encourageable 😛

  7. Imagine a bunch of amateurs gazing into this machine as it gently tumbles superior green coffee into a lovely shade of brown, wafting out heady scents of freshly roasted coffee… ridiculous! It’s just so wrong to perpetuate ideas that freshly roasted coffee in the hands of a clueless home roaster could possibly ever come to any good. 😉 😛 Really… just send me one and I’ll prove it to you just how wrong it is 😛
    Incorrigible is more like it, Espressomatic 😛 😆

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