Brewing Guide Number Four, Eva Solo

So it is with great pleasure I present to you the fourth in the series of the Has Bean Brewing Guides.

This one is a little bit of a strange one to cover, as I know there are some more obvious ones to do before the solo, but we have today started to sell them and it seemed right if we were to sell them then a brew guide would be a good idea.

I have really spent a long time with this brewer trying to get what I think is the very best from it. It is my technique and not in any way should you follow it if you think your method is better, but this is what I now do and I hope you find it useful.

Card are also on there way so a nice little collection of guides building up now. Its also available in the Has Bean App as a brew guide (has been for a few days as some of you noticed)

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  1. That
    Love the brewing guide steve, and since ive enjoyed my chemex so much, im gonna have to start saving for an eva solo.
    Great video work too, just 100% hasbean styling..
    i’ll say it again – awesome 🙂

  2. Just tried it and…it worked! I finally got a cup that I liked from the Eva. I followed it pretty much to the letter using some Kenya Ndimaini and was really impressed – nice clean acidity and hints of black currants. No gritty or muddy taste that I used to get. So thanks for that…

    One thing I did not in the instructions, instead of drying the mouth I used the aeropress ‘funnel’ and coffee dropped straight down without getting stuck on the sides.

    This could now be the best brewer for bulk brewing. The downside is there is still some coffee left behind. If you try to pour it out you do get a lot of sludge. I recommend pouring in one motion rather than setting upright and pouring again – when it stops, it stops – don’t try and get the bit at the bottom out.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Steve. Who on earth would want to put milk in their coffee? re-Toba!
    They should be blindfolded, put up against the wall, and shot with pasteurised!
    Getting down to business, the best coffee tried in the three years I’ve been buying “Has Bean” is Costa Rica Finca de Licho, hotly followed by Guatamala el Bosque! But I’ve got to go and lie down now because I can’t bear the thought of coffee drinkers adding milk to their daily tipple. Disgusting habit – get well soon! What time is it? Is the bar open?

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