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I know lots of you have enjoyed our brew guides, this makes me very happy.

We have used Blip for a few years now as our video provider. We like them as they did a great job, and didn’t bombard you with ad’s. Well that was until last week where they gave in and insisted on advertisements.

I’d be very happy to pay for you to not be hit with these, but there is no paid for option.  So we have had to move the brew guides to a paid for host for your enjoyment and my piece of mind.

There is one up shot of this is that this is now a podcast on iTunes here and for non iTunes users here  and non add videos here

It may seem a bit over the top to you, but I want you to enjoy these videos without being sent messages from companies, I hope you enjoy

Expect some changes on In My Mug over the coming weeks too

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  1. I was wondering about the ad when I loaded up inmymug last week1

  2. in my mugs will be next but a huge huge job to sort them all

  3. Can the videos for coffee bean processing be uploaded to iTunes as well please?

  4. Hi Daisuke

    Will need another account for that which costs money and time, but on the plan

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