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Those who are eagle eyed may have seen me pop some pictures up on my flickr account last Saturday evening of some coffee cherry’s.

After being out for the evening I returned home to find an email from Fazenda Terramater with a couple of photos of a special project they have done for me without asking.

On my visit last year, I saw a whole heap of coffee bushes planted on the edge of the property underneath some huge old pine trees. I asked Luca who was translating for me to ask Adoedato if the pine cones and the trees by these plants made a difference to the final cup. As he asked Adoedato you could see from his face he thought what a stupid question and shrugged.

Now at the time of the visit we were not buying any coffee from Adoedato and I hadn’t even had a chance to cup it. It was only persistently asking for a sample after I got back and got a chance to cup it that we did buy it. So there was no reason for Adoedato to listen to anything the crazy gringo asked.

But Saturday night the photos below were in my inbox and the forest coffee under the tress is going to be kept separate this year to see if the pine cone fertilizer makes any difference to the final cup. I have no idea but the total production will be 1 bag if we are lucky so we are going to find out together šŸ™‚

Brazil Teramater

Brazil Teramater

This is why its worth while visiting origin, spending the time expressing what you would like to find out with farmers so they can put it together, no matter how crazy the requests are.

In a few weeks time I’m back to Bahia for some more exploring and some more feedback on what we would like to see, its so cool to have this open channel of communication direct with the producers.

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