Brazil Cachoeria Photos

I know this has been rolled out slowly, but a load of posts about Brazil would have meant some of these wonderful photos might not have got seen

Cachoeria look there it is

Brazil Cachoeria is a very special farm to me, and still the moment I really felt I understood what real quality coffee could be came the first time I cupped this coffee. It was the moment that it became clear and I understood what it was about, the farms, people as well as in the cup.

Whats better looking me or the view ?

Regular readers will know how much I love this coffee, and I was meant to visit three times before I got there with disaters happening meaning I was not able to .

Smoking Gun

I ended up getting a little bit mushy about it all, and I have a video I may or may not put up to finish the video diary’s from Brazil.But its not me at my best I may not 🙂

Cachoeria more canario perfectly manicured

It was every thing I hoped it would be, the farm is amazing, almost to amazing. I said to Stephen Hurst who was with me it was like Disney land, everything perfect, like really perfect manicured almost. To see the whole set take a look here.

I’ll sleep on the video and make up my mind in the morning but please look at the photos I think they are amazing

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  2. Emil Trollklint 4 December, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Really fun to see pictures from Cachoeria, a coffee I have drunk a lot and learned to love!


  3. Stunning photos. Great to see what the farm looks like at last. Cach has to be my favourite coffee of all time- both as filter and espresso-based. Thanks for posting

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