Bolivia Trip day two Arrival on Machacarmarca

So Day two was spent traveling to the farm. I planned the trip for a day in La Paz to get used to the altitude. My last visit I got quite ill on it all by rushing around and not spending time acclimatizing. If you have never experienced that kind of height its like being drunk but with all the good parts of being drunk removed. Thick heavy head, slow responses, and the ability to do stuff only if you really concentrate (in this I include walking talking and breathing). But its strangely addictive too.

The trip to the farm is along the second most dangerous road in the world (the most I did last time in Bolivia on a bike). To get to the road there is a climb out of La Paz (its a basin of a city). The climb from 3300 meters above sea level in the pit of the bowl to 4400 meters (on the death road its up to 6000 meters).

Bolivia Machacarmaca day 2

The road is amazing very beautiful but amazingly scary at parts with huge buses coaches and bikes all over the place, far busier than the famous death road.

Bolivia Machacarmaca day 2

Arriving on the farm I am greeted by Mario, Lupe Lupe’s Daughter grand daughter and Son and his Girlfriend, all come to the farm to see the crazy gringo who has traveled half way around the world . Within 30 mins of being there I felt like I was part of the family, welcomed in sitting eating with everyone, and made right at home.

Its fairly late when I arrive but there is time to get in a mini hike around the farm and to go climbing trees.

Bolivia Machacarmaca day 2

I Love the fact there was no TV, a problem for me in world cup semi final week, but not missed. Even when Rodrigo went to the local town to watch the game, I stayed at the farm to enjoy myself. Evening are sat around a gaming table with a roaring fire playing cards, boggle and talking to each other. This first night I get taught two games of cards I have never played and stay up until 1 am, by mistake as I wanted an early night, but pleased I did not.

Bolivia Machacarmaca day 2

Ohh yes this is my view from my window

View from Bedroom Window

Interesting thing found out today is that La Paz is not the capital of Bolivia as I (and others I have spoken to) thought. It is the political capital but the actual capital is called Sucre

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