Bolivia COE day 3

I cant believe Day three is already over, in just a few days time I can look forward to airport food and best of all Miami Immigration.

But not looking to far forwards again two tables of nine and an eight of great coffees. I’ve found it very difficult to find a coffee that I dont like. The quality has been even better than 2005 which I really enjoyed. I think for me the typical profile seems to be very sweet, lots of body, rich thick gloupy and syrup like mouthfeel with very good after taste, and WOW espresso

In the after noon we went to visit a farm in Coricio that is a huge family all working together to produce coffee. Its part of Inteligensia from the USA farm direct program., and you can see the kind of difference it makes. They get a guaranteed an amount WAY above the fair trade price direct to the farmer. Of course other people are involved along the line but that’s DIRECT to the farmer, the other guys get paid out of other monies (shipping export, importers etc). That’s something that’s often forgotten in coffee that the other important people along the way have to get paid, but it should not interfere with the prices the farmer gets.

We spent the rest of the evening at a great restaurant, and we sat talking to one of the exporters about what we could do as a project here, and about getting some samples together to see about quality. Its a long way off at this time but this is the difference coming to origin and staying at home can make.

Tomorrow there are 34 (or it might be 36) going through to the next round that tells you how good the standard has been. So that’s three tables in the morning and one in the afternoon, that’s a lot of cupping.. So it was an early to bed last night but another early to rise. Every morning I’ve been waking at 5am, stupid body clock.

But the one thing I’m pleased to have pulled together is a 5 a side football game between the International Jury and the National jury members. Its going to be a real hoot, and the photos will be posted as soon as I can .

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  1. I’m green with envy Steve. Lucky man!

  2. Sounds like their are some exciting and interresting coffees to look forward to tasting.

    I loved the Santa Fe so i am a huge fan of the bolivian style of coffees..the sweeter the better for me.

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