Blake Espresso Blend

It is my great pleasure to announce number three in the the series of four blends that we are releasing. This is a direct replacement for the old Toba blend and share lots of the things that made this blend great blend. But its important to keep developing.

Toba was very much a throw back to a darker style of blend, one that’s designed to work well in milk and have bolder / earthier flavours in a more traditional way. But being called Toba it limited the blending options (Toba is a lake in Indonesia) but also became stuck in a rut.

This kind of blend doesn’t have to be any less tasty or any less adventurous. Shaking off the Toba name has meant we could develop it some, to have a new twist while still worthy of its place in the new coffee world (because of this it nearly got called Anachronism). We’re aware that there is a huge amount of people who want something a little more traditional.

So here is Blake,merging of an old school approach to producing blends that punch through milk and deliver you a classic tasting espresso, with a progressive twist of educated sourcing, sensitive roasting, some funky natural flavours.

(40%) Sumatra Lintong Madam Popa

(40%) Celebes Torja Kalosi

(20%) Brazil Fazenda Inglaterra Acia Natural

I know I’m going to get asked why Blake, well its my old school and this is an old school blend but with a new twist. That simple.

Like the last we have made a video. We also have coffee shops that are going to be offering the blend (see the map below). I also have made up a wallpaper below for your computer and or your ipad / iphone

View Shops Stocking Blake Espresso Blend in a larger map

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