Big Shout out to some new cusotmers

We recently took on some new trade customers thanks to another customer being kind enough to refer them (Thanks Barry in Scarborough). You see they visited Barry’s shop Roasters Coffee as they heard so many good things about it. Barry works really hard at everything to do quality not just his coffee bur EVERYTHING. Regular readers will know Barry won the Northern Barista heats in 2007 and finished in the top six for the UKBC.

Anyway back on track Gordon and Marie wanted to see what was so good about Roasters. They picked up loads of hints from the ever sharing Barry, and one of them led them to us. After a long cupping and lots of shots we came up with some ideas. From here we worked together to develop their espresso blend and on a there single origin selection, and it seems to be paying off.

A glowing review here make me so pleased for them. Next time your in York give them a visit. And it just shows that if you change the quality and work hard people do notice.

Cafe Harlequin Coffee & Tea House

2, Kings Square, York, North Yorkshire YO1 8BH

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  1. I like the idea of recommendations of independants around the country – is there a list somewhere so we can see them all in one place – that can be uipdated from time to time?

  2. I love the idea Peter let me se what I can do.

  3. Thanks to you Steve I now have two coffee places in Northern England that I must visit. I am looking forward to going to Roasters Coffee next weekend. Then I will try the place in York next time I am down that way.

    Peter’s idea is a good one – I found a list of good coffee bars in Toronto on Coffeegeek forums and I used it during a recent visit. The coffee was amazing and I would not have found these places otherwise.

    I would love to hear about other good coffee bars in England and Scotland.



  4. It was great to sample the coffee served up by Gordon at Harlequin Coffee and Tea House in York. It’s also good to see so many other people out there are equally passionate about good coffee and quality of service.

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