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I for a while kind of lost my way a little with the blog, and I feel like the blogging world has lost its way too. Twitter and video blogs and so many voices in the community on forums and alike blogging is the old world.

I’m kind of thinking where the blog sits in what I do, I love this format of talking to folk, and I really want to keep it up. but I think I need to be more focused and more regular in posting. But what kind of thing do you go to blogs for? Is the varietal posting thing we have done a good or just too geeky, the new beans posts are they a good idea? Would video blogs postings embedded in here be a good idea? With my trip to Atlanta coming up would a round up of WBC be something you would read, would video blogs from the floor be a good idea, talking to the movers and shakers etc?

I know not everyone likes comments so please feel free to email me or use the contact form here. But please do let me know what you think I’d really like your feedback.

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  1. Hi Steve. In my mugs from the WBC would be great for people who can’t make it. If you need a co host Im sure I can find a gap in my schedule!lol. Though seriously you could get some interviews with some of the competitors(E.g UK and Ireland), past cahmps and finalists and with some of the big name folks in the industry. Why not try get Nick and Jay on? You featured on the portafilter podcast after all. Would be Nice(!) to hear them again.

  2. Maybe I’m not the typical reader, but I’ll chime in anyway.

    I think what will make an interesting blog is continuing to document YOUR coffee journey. What excites you, what gets you going, what do YOU find interesting. Trying to cater to what the readers want can only take you a bit down the road if it’s not congruent with what interests you. Too many bloggers don’t follow their muse, and suddenly posting becomes a chore, because it’s not about what you want to write.

    Share your coffee (and other) joys, frustrations, and journeys.

  3. I have to agree with Chad. This is YOUR blog Steve and it expresses what YOU think about coffee. That for me is invaluable as you have really helped me on my own discovery of all things coffee.

    The recent posts on Varietals was great and yes it was Geeky in a way, but it opens up what can sometimes be shrouded in mystique.

    The blog is great for YOUR views and opinions…it’s up to us whether we take them or leave them.

    Your other formats such as Inmymug are a great media and I think appeal to a wider audience than the blog. They are very imformative and give a great perspective on all the subjects. It is almost like sitting in a lecture with a mate.

    If I were you I would pursue the blog and keep it going as it is. I think in mymug has a LOT of potential as it takes an aural podcast to a new level.

    Thanks for all the work you do on it Steve.

    PS Where are thos UPS prices???? It’s not like you’re busy 😛 😉

  4. Steve, I think blogging sits very well with twitter. Two very different means of communication and each has its own use.

    I love reading your blog, and what would I like to hear about?

    – Your thoughts on coffee
    – Your thoughts on business
    – Your thoughts on the online world
    – Your opinions on new coffee
    – Your thoughts on life!

    A blog allows a much more meaningful communication, less instant, but much more satisfying.

    Speak soon!

    Jon 🙂

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