Another Cupping in London

So another day of rushing about to go for a cupping in London. This time our friend Andrew Ford from the Australian Mountain Top estate was doing a cupping of coffee’s. In true Has Bean style I arrived late and missed the main cupping. But the main reason for the trip was to try the inavitie cupping he lined up for the afternoon.

On the table was three “bin lots” of coffee from Andrews estate. At mountain top they have different coffees for different occasions. This is done by using different parts of the farm or different processing methods or storage conditions to give the coffee a unique taste.

OK so what I hear you say, well he paired them with some fine Australian wines, and I must admit an interesting experiment. Coffee is a complicated thing, and so is wine, but the wine industry has had a head start of setting up its stall in the market place. What this experiment showed was that coffee can compete with wine in its complex taste side by side.  

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