And the winner Is…………

The Beyond the Bean goodie bag competition is now over, and we have 20 winners, all listed below. We had over 200 entry’s from our newsletter and loads from the blog. We tried to spread them out. I was blown away from the interest, and thank everyone for entering. We have another competition very soon with equally difficult questions and equally good gifts.

Pascal Diamond
Julian Lane
Richard Roggan
Sean Spicer
Oli Bradshaw
Jerry Cheung
Dan Prem
Ian Bousfield
Phil Paintin
David Tubby
J Fisher
Jon Moss
P Dray
A Jones
Simon Jenkins
Tom Coxon
stuart mellanby
Debbie Beech
Jonathan Mendel
Bryan Robinson

If your name is above expect a present in the post soon. Thanks so much to Beyond the Bean for the prizes and all the people that entered.

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  1. Fantastic! Many thanks Steve 🙂

  2. WOOOOOOO! just got the stuff thru the post! Completely forgot about that!

    Thanks Steve and Crew!

    BIG Love!!


  3. ..I’m a winner!! My mums been telling me that for years.. 🙂
    Nice one Steve! Your a star.

  4. Mine arrived this morning 🙂 Blinking marvellous! Thanks again!

  5. I received this in the post a couple of weeks ago and have been racking my brains to work out where it was from, as I had forgotten all about it!! A superb goody bag, especially the Pallo Coffee Tool. Thankyou Steve and BeyondTheBean.

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