Alliance of Coffee Excellence board of directors

It is with great sadness I inform everyone I have withdrawn my candidacy from the election for the board of directors for the alliance of coffee excellence, the keepers and custodians of the program the Cup of excellence where I have sat on the board for the past two years.

My feelings are a little raw about it at the moment so I will take some time before commenting in public about my reasons, but it is a decision I have not taken lightly and one that has caused much angst. Happy to answer any questions via email for those who have supported me in the vote to explain my reasons.

For most people who read here it will have no effect and we will continue to support what I believe is a great program, and deliver what are some superb coffees, despite some failings.

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  1. Im sure can speak for the majority here and say there loss our gain. Just hope it wasn’t too political as I know it was something you were very pround off. Keep the faith G

  2. just wondering what made you leave have you left the organization as well as the board

  3. I know you are very passionate about coffee – a passion that rubs off on your customers/friends, and therefore you have your reasons and would have thought long and hard before making any decision. Big G is right – their loss our gain – keep your head held high.

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