Aeropress Championships

I’m going to be competing in the world aeropress championships that are being held this year at the world Barista Championships in London this year. It seemed like a good idea to enter, it seemed like the good thing to do, but now I’m thinking what am I going to do and maybe not such a hot idea.

So what is this blog post about ? Well I’m ready for inspiration. Call it copying, but I have always stood by the fact that home users know more than the professionals. you have more times to play discover and push the boundaries of what is possible. I learnt more from home user than anything I’ve learnt from professionals.

So a cheap shot to pinch ( I mean develop) your ideas for aeropress. To read the rules look here and share with me your great ideas of how I can win this thing. Comments will be stolen by others so email me (or leave a comment if you don’t know and I’ll have your email address) and I promise to give you the biggest shout out in the comp if I steal (sorry borrow) your idea.

Transmission over

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  1. Think about reusing the aeropress filter paper. (Thoroughly rinsed in hot water!). It might not look pretty, but i always get a better cup on a 2nd (or 3rd) use of the paper than on the 1st.


  2. I have been doing an upside down aeropress with mega coarse grind and letting it brew for between 3-4 minutes. Seems to make the coffee taste a little cleaner and not so dramatic in taste.

  3. so excited!! i even had a dream about it already! (although ben will compete as me, but that should be easy, he’s mastering my accent to perfection by now). aeropressssss!

  4. Careful Mr. Leighton. No cheating. I’ll be watching you!

  5. using all the available resources 🙂

  6. Steve,you’ve got the blood of a competitor,i’m convinced you’ll do great,a tip from me,do not under estimate any one,good luck 🙂

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