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After spending the long weekend enjoying and experimenting with the Arobie Aeropress, I felt it important to make my points clear on it. I tend to use the bank holiday as a day to catch up on forums I don’t have time to keep up with or some coffee related Internet reading. I read something on (the usernet newsgroup) about the press that made me revisit what I had said about it.The thread goes along the lines of the Aerobie doesn’t produce espresso, and its folly to claim it does. If your going to be 100% correct I suppose that’s right. But the argument could be used against Moka pots and home user machines like krupps etc. For me the aerobie does a far better job of making espresso style drinks than most machines I have tried under a few hundred pounds. I wanted to clear that one up so it doesn’t come back to bite me and I’ll tie it together in one statement “The aerobie doesn’t make espresso, but it does make a style of espresso type of drink at a very affordable price”

The long weekend also means I go without espresso for a few days. At the roastery I have a wonderful La Spaziale two group spazio that is a wonderful machine that even me the clutz of a barista can make good espresso. At home I have a great simonelli oscar, but it needs some love and attention and I never find the time for it. So I go for the option of either Vac pot (my favourite) or lately the aerobie.

Because I have a little more time and don’t want to drink and be gone I’ve been making Americano’s with it. And I’ve got to tell you this is a complete new brewing method, and I’m really growing to love it. It’s the closest I’ve come to cupping tastes in a brewing method ever. The clarity is WOW the nuances come running out, it is truly a revelation. To many times in coffee the big experiences end up being big money (top level espresso machines, grinders etc) but this is £25 and really is a big step forward in brewing.

One thing I have noticed is the extraction times and how this can really alter the drink. For instance I did an Ethiopian yirgacheffe (the new one with big apricots) and let it step for 30 seconds before pressing out. I then very quickly did the same yirg on the same grind with the same amounts of water but let it step for 1 min. Drank side by side they were incredibly different, both pleasant but really different. The 30 second one was very light grapefruity with delicate apricots and peach. The 1 minute one had increased body less of the grapefruit but much more peach. The variables are endless, and far more enjoyable than the french press for sure. I’m a convert, not just because we sell it but I truly think this is the beginning of something special in coffee.

Enough of the aerobie any way, some new info sheets uploaded today so take a look in our downloads section at the link below

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