Acaia Coffee Varietal

Sorry if this a little bit Geeky, but something I have wanted to for a while is get a file together with all the coffee varietal I can find out about in one place. But to motivate and break it down for me I’m going to do it as a blog post at a time. the final plan will be to put this into on downloadable pdf booklet.

I’d like you if you spot any omission or error let me know either via email or via the comments and I’ll investigate it.

Varietal: Acaia
Related to: Mundo Novo
Origin: Brazil
Grows best at: 800meters or above
Type: Sumatra (typica) / Bourbon hybred
Prevalent in: Brazil
Predominant Colour: Red
Fruit size: Large
Leaf Charicteristics: Large, an intermediate between Typica and Bourbon
Botany: Natural Hybred

Special Notes:
A very rare varietal I have seen this some times in Cup of Excellence lots in Brazil but never come across it until this year in an offering.
A hybred from the Mundo Novo plant its mainly found in Brazil and is best grown 800meters or above. Fruit is large in size and in colour is predominately red.
Is not really found outside of Brazil, when tried its results have been varied. It has adapted well to the Brazil climate and conditions.
Its down side is it is susceptible to all coffee plant disease and to pest,
Mundo Novo is rare enough and not very prevalent, but acaia is incredibly rare.

Links: mutation of Acaia is Mundo Novo Semperflorens

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  1. Steve you are a ledgend ! This is what i’ve been looking for ! X

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