A small post on some big work at El Limon

So this is a small post about the huge work Beto is undertaking at the farm El Limon in Palencia located to the east of Guatemala city.

Beto is one of the most amazing producers we buy from as he really reacts to feedback from us. A conversation a couple of years ago about his Pacamara, and if we had more, I believed we could sell more. This year he took me to the newly cultivated part of the farm with 20,000 pacamara plants.

















After our trip around the farm we were talking about this years washed harvest (Beto only does washed in the past) and he said he would like to experiment in Naturals.














But needed someone brave enough to buy it without having a history in that processing method. Liking a challenge, I got sent these photos today














He has also done some pacamaras natural too















The only guide we have is that Beto produces delicious coffee, and has gotten advice from people that do amazing naturals, so lets hope that its a gamble that pays off, but the photos make me want to try this lot more

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