A little piece of England in Guatemala

On February 15 2008, there was a sad and terrible tragedy in Guatemala.

Two farm workers from a cup of excellence award winning farm Finca Vista Hermosa were murdered returning to the farm with supplies and the payroll for the farm.

Carlo’s, the manager of Finca Vista Hermosa, and his son Edwin, were going about there daily business. On the way back, some bandits not from the area took their money,supplies and their lives as well.

Carlo’s left a wife and 11 children behind, and it was an incredibly sad time for the coffee world. A fund was set up that many supported to help the family through that difficult time. But I wanted to do something a little extra and a little different so I spoke to Edwin the farm owner and asked what else we might be able to do.

He told me that Ronaldo Garcia Martin, the youngest son loved football, and well I love football so I thought perhaps a football shirt might hit the spot and bring a little smile to his face and offer something different to just the cash we sent. Guessing the mighty sunderland might not be so well known in Guatemala I thought an England shirt.

But the shirt we sent was too big for Ronaldo. Also lots of gifts were sent to the family at that time, so Edwin held off. He didn’t give it straight away, but thought it best to give it once he was big enough to fit the huge shirt I sent.

Edwin has just passed it to Ronaldo now. The photos below are on him in his short with his grandfather, and the email with these in brought a huge smile to my face today, and maybe just a little tear.

A little bit of england is in Guatemala today, and I really like that.

Ronaldo and his Grandfarther

Finca Vista Hermosa Ronaldo and his Grandfarther


Edwin and Ronaldo

Edwin and Ronaldo

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  1. oh great…now i’ve got a tear in my eye!
    thanks for this post Steve. good to see that smile on the young lads face.

  2. Espressomattic 11 June, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Nice one Steve – Now this is real realtionship coffee. Good on ya bro.

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