A good weekend

Saturday was spent with some very cool coffee friends, touring the highlights of the coffee scene in London. I wont go into the details of it all, but enough to say things have massively improved in the past 12 months since my last visit. Some VERY good coffee on offer.

I think London now has a very healthy coffee community, and that can only be good for the rest of the country. I left feeling good about the UK coffee scene for the future, its good time to be in this great industry.

My journey home not so good, missing my last train to Stafford and having to drag my brother in law out of bed to pick me up from Wolverhampton, but the joys of engineering work on our great rail system☹
Thanks to James and Anette who warned the shop owner a group of 12 strange folk would be descending upon them, and thanks to the crowd who made the day so enjoyable.

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