7 days 7 coffees mk 2 day 3

So we are are day three, of seven days / seven coffees mk 2 and time for another cup of excellence. This year we were part of a buying group for two lots from the competition. And I have to say the coffees are the best yet from the COE competition from Rwanda. But I must also follow that up that its the most awful information pack with each I have ever received. We know very little about this, apart from its a seriously tasty cup.

So here goes

From the third Cup of Excellence in Africa, we are pleased to offer you this tasty coffee.

Normally we can go into lots of detail at this point as Cup of Excellence provides lots of background information, but this time it’s a bit sketchy. What I can tell you its from the Northern region of Rwanda from the Gakenke districut and that when you drink it , its very very nice

The lot was produced by a cooperative of 20 growers all of them below

Kaziyumugabo Justin
Babonampoze Chreophace
Ntamuhanga Agnes
Nakabonye Josephine
Dusingizimana Seba
Hitimana Michel
Hakizimana Donath
Ndagijimana Faustin
Nyiramanza Alphonsine
Kanyaruganda Edouard
Association Tuzamurane
Harerimana Uwimana Evariste
Nzabarinda Anastase
Nyirangirabega Euphrasie
Habimana Francois Xavier
Bihoyiki Vestine
Mukamana Beatrice
Hategekimana Ignace
Mabugu Assiel
Ntambara Zacharie

In the cup expect jasmine with coffee blossom. Super floral with a orange acidity, with a mouthfeel and hint of honey. For me not for espresso, but thats just me, if you like them bright it might be your thing.

Farm: SACOF Rulindo
Farmer: See Above
Rank: 30
City: Gakenke
Region: Northern
Country: Rwanda
Farm Size: Not Available
Coffee growing area: Not Available
Altitude: 1794 masl
Certification: None

You can buy it here

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