7 days 7 coffees mk 2 day 1

After the 7 days 7 coffees thing I’m not put off 🙂

Always innovating I have a new idea of 7 coffees in 7 days now (its all a bit crazy but I want to get these coffees on the site for you all to enjoy). So a new challenge starts today (sucker for punishment). We really have so many great coffees to share with you.

So this is an african and a rare one at that. Enough of me read on ……..

Recent developments in Ethiopia have seen a centralisation of all coffee exports through the recently established Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). It is now virtually impossible to provide accurate information of the precise traceability of coffees as lots are anonymised upon arrival at the Exchange. This makes it harder, but also easier. It means the cupping for quality is what counts, not names or any baggage.

In the “ECX” you cannot buy ‘Peaberry’, so it has to be sorted from a number of lots bought there. This comes from a number of lots, mainly from Borena and Guji. This is a super small lot, and one that IO don’t expect us to have for too long. But the most unusual part of this is that you don’t see many peaberrys from Ethiopia 9and we have two). This is because you can not buy peaberry at the ECX but you have to sort it after buying it. This makes this a very very small lot, but an amazingly tasty small lot.

In the cup expect Earl grey tea, the bergamot and the lovely lemon like acidity, super clean almost exactly the same as an amazing classic yirgacheffe. Where this one differs is in the aftertaste you get that classic sidamo spice, cracked black pepper is the best descriptor I could come up with for this one, but don’t think its the most perfect fit (let me know if you can do better).

You can buy it here

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