7 days 7 coffees day 6

OK this one is a bit of a cheat. Its this weeks in my mug, but its still a new coffee. It also means you get a video (another cop out) but it has been very very tough to keep this pace up. I’ll be glad once the last one is done.

Its a special cup and I hope you get a chance to try it.

Another of our direct trade coffees, this time located in the North Yungas region of Bolivia in the colony of Bolinda. David Vilca (who owns the farm and named it after himself) migrated from La Paz to the farm 15 years ago.

He bought this 7 hectares farm as security for his family to make sure they could support himself and them. When he took over he only had 1 acres which was planted with coffee. But after 2 years he became comfortable with the farm and a new interest, he became passionate about coffee and decided to cultivate more. Now he has 5 acres of coffee (of which we have bought it all). He has very little outside help with the farm apart from direct family where his wife helps him greatly.

The varietals on the farm are Caturra , Catuai and Criolla. the farm is under constant improvement, David is now removing much of Criolla and focusing on Typica and Catuai for cup quality reasons.

This is a wonderfully sweet cup as you have come to expect from Bolivia, milk chocolate, with walnut hints to it, thats is so very familiar. Where this coffee opens up is in its acidity, think Pear and juniper berry mashed up in a pestle and mortar (with a little of that walnut and chocolate too) and you have the most delicious and complex coffee. Theres hints of spice and citrus in this taste mash up that makes every cup different, making it evolves and change through its temperature range.

Farm: Finca David Vilca
Founded: 2001
Province: Caranavi
Region:North Yungas
Altitude: 1,570-1,600 m.
Hectares total Farm: 7 hectares.
Hectares Coffee plantation: 5 hectares
Quantity Coffee plants : 20.000
Shade: Natural shade by Inga sp. (Sinquili) and others.
Coffee Varieties: Caturra, Criolla and Typical
Rainfall Period: Nov– February
Average Temperature: 8°C ≤ 19°≥ 30°C
Soil Type: Clay and shaly
Other Crops Grown: Citrus Fruits( orange, tangerine) advocate
Average Age Of Coffee Plants: 8 to 12 years old, Now renovating planta- tions with Caturra and Typical
Certification: Organic

You can buy it here

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