More Bolivia Cup of Excellence Photo's

I’ve finally sorted through all the photos from Bolivia, and added a file to my flickr account called the missing photos. In there are the day I rode on a mountain bike along the road of death (the most dangerous road in the world), some great cupping photos and some other random stuff I lost couldn’t find or have been given by others on the trip. Take a look at the link here
Bolivia Photos

I got carried away on the trip and there is over 450 photos, so I have also added set called My Bolivia Cup of Excellence Top Ten, some nothing to do with coffee some 100% about the coffee, but some of the best memories from a really special trip. Take a look at them here.

I promise to stop going on about photos and how good this trip was and will only talk about the coffee from there now. Sorry if I’ve bored you with it but it was a great time.

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  1. glad you had a great time; it’s nice, nowadays, to see someone so enthusiastic about what they do 🙂

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