New crop El Bosque

I said that I would try and update descriptions and cupping notes each year a new crop came in. Well keeping to my word the new Guatemalan El Bosque has arrived, and it needs to have a new write up. So I’ve done that here

Regular readers will remember the sheer delight of my trip to El Bosque in January. The brothers told me at the time they were working to make quality differences in that crop and that this years was going to be better than ever.

Well they were right. The character that made me fall in love with it originally is still there. But it’s refined and the sweetness is greatly increased. We are blessed to have access to this coffee and long may it continue if the quality is this good.

With coffees like this available its tough to buy cup of excellence coffee that’s three times the price. Are they three times the coffee? This for me is one of the finest Guatemalan coffees I’ve ever cupped and is in its company with the top coffees from the area. Of course we will continue to be involved in the auctions, this is how we found this one originally, but it makes you think.

Speaking of cup of excellence coffee the Nicaraguan auction is tomorrow. We have some coffees we will be going for, and I’ll let you know how we get on. The auction can be seen here from 2 pm on the 6th of June (UK time)

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  1. Great news! I loved this one when you made Jessica buy some for me for christmas! But next time I’ll order roasted. My homeroast just do not yet live up to your absurdly high quality standards!

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