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I’m sorry it’s been a while. There seems to be a general malaise on blog posting of late from not just me but from others I follow too. I wonder if it’s partly down to a quite time of year for coffee news, and partly down to being busy. I know my excuse, is it’s a busy time, lots of work, lots of developments and lots of great coffees coming through. Exiting times indeed but doesn’t give me a lot of spare time.

And the weekends stay pretty much the same. Last weekend I was lucky enough to be at a customers shop in Scarborough where he had 40 willing participants in a talk I gave on coffee in general. Loving the sound of my own voice Barry of Roasters Coffee gave me the floor to talk about whatever I wanted coffee wise. I’m so lucky to have Barry as a customer, not only is he an all round good guy and Sunderland fan but does the right thing with our coffee. Orders once a week, strict rotation policy on his coffee perfect shots, quality training for his staff awesome La Spaziale s5 in the shop that’s clean well maintained, french press pot at the table from a variety of single origins, education for customer’s it’s a nirvana in the coffee world.

Part of the presentation was about the recent trip to Guatemala with a focus on El Bosque. El bosque is a favourite in the shop of the customers and of Barry himself. I’ve recorded it and sent it to the farmers there. I received an email back from them, which I thought was very touching


Thank you so much for your mail. You can’t imagine how important it is for me and the rest of my family the effort you have done to let us know what your consumers think and such comments by themselves. It give us energy to keep on going and try to do things better. I have visited your website several times and I have read your articles related to us carefully. I have realise that even when you and we speak different languages and have different culture, all toghether are still questioning ourselves about the same issues like happiness, work, family and so on.

I also would like to tell you that we were so impressed about you passion for coffee, quality and friendship. I am really sure that this business is more than coffee. It is about peoples too. We really appreciated the fact to have you all that afternoon at the farm. It was the very first time we had the chance share our talking as we did . We have had several visitors at Finca El Bosque in the past years but no one like you guys. Because we still keep in touch.

All of this happened just because of our curiosity to know who drinks our coffee after two generations of producing it. Please be sure you have gone beyond my expectatives and thanks again.

Take care


You can see the video at the link here

Thanks to Barry and Duncan and the rest of the team for letting us do the presentation and the wonderful hospitality they showed us. Also thanks to the custoemrs who listened and asked the right questions at the right time.Next time your in Scarborough pop in see Barry and his team there at Aberdeen walk (opposite the post office) in the town centre, tell him we sent you he’ll charge you double 🙂

Roasters coffee

Roasters coffee

Roasters coffee
Roasters coffee

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  1. Without revisiting the back slapping, We think each other are brillient club! … which we are BTW. I will say thanks once again to Steve and his glamerous assistant and real brain in the Empire, “Sarah”.

    This was a wonderful experience and a great way to reward loyal and passionate customers. On various forums I frequent its often discussed how the Uk population is less than up to date on good coffee and percieved occasionaly as being uniterested in quality. For this event we sold tickets, yes people paid to hear Steve talk ( I did 10 mins on the role of Barista which obviously HB forgot about and out of 40 tickets only 2 failed to attend and they did contact us to say why.
    the event was sheduled to run for 2 hrs … it lasted allmost 4hrs and the concensus is now we arrange a coach trip to the HasBean HQ as another event.

    Basically my greatest pleasure is being priveliged enough to be able to show people what available in the industry with a bit of dedication and average talent. My reward is apart from a busy little shop is to see shall i say the average customer become a little more interested in coffee in general.

  2. Brilliant stuff guys 🙂

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