"Open Day"

Open Day

A few months ago we had an open day where we had lots of our friends (most who happen to be customers too) come around and enjoy a day with us.

As part of this day we had a small video made (just over two mins), and we’ve managed to get a copy on the web for you to watch. Hope you enjoy it.

PS Not sure what’s happening with the audio on this, will try and get it sorted.

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  1. Nice Vid Steve

    Dare I say one thing????

    Those in suits and you in your footy shirt…. 😉 Made me smile, in a good way of course!

  2. Well you know my Registered Trade Mark footy shirts® cant be doing anything else 🙂

  3. Top video Steve and a message well put across. I’m desperate to take the mickey because it is rude not to, but the truth of it is that was very well done 🙂

  4. OK should really leave a serious reply I suppose.

    The message that is put across here is so simple I am surprised more people ‘don’t get it’. The farmers deliver a good crop and they get paid well for it. Ultimatly this is so much better for them from a business point of view. They increase the quality and they get paid more and so it goes on.

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